Complex pallete service

Krabice a palety

We have been operating on the market since 1998. We try to approach every customer individually and create for him the most advantageous business conditions possible.

At the beginning we were engaged only in the purchase of used palletes. Gradually, the philosophy of the company oriented toward complex offer of services and, therefore, we have extended our activities with the production of new pallets and products used for transport of goods.

We manufacture pallets both in manual operation, and on semi-automatic production line. We process logs on efficient RZ 710 frame saw. We are engaged in production of pallets of EUR type in conformity with ČSN 26 9110 standard "European four-way simple pallete EUR" and in accordance with international standard UIC 435-2, of standard 120x80 pallets without marking, pallets of atypical dimensions and tonnage, according to the customer’s wishes and needs.

Krabice a palety

Last but not least, also wooden boxes and pallet pens are much-demanded range of our assortment. Our services also include heat treatment of these products according to the IPPC standard evidenced by a certificate. We are also engaged in the purchase of pallets, their sorting, repair and recycling back into circulation.